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Sliding Pentominos


Getting Started

The problems can look daunting at first. But if you have had a good night sleep last night, you should be able to get through the simpler ones. For that I recommend the Fallen Sumo series, particularly Fallen Summo I. Sliding from board A to B takes a minimum of 11 moves. An unassisted human should be able to resolve this one in a half hour to 45 minutes, after swearing that it is impossible and after many restarts! Maybe in 50 to 60 moves.

On many PCs the Search should be able to calculate and show you the 11 step solution. This takes about 70 to 80 Mbytes of memory and several minutes. (The algorithm is likely to be refined in time). The solution is placed in the forward History accessible by pressing the "<<" and ">>" buttons.

After that you'll have a good idea if you enjoy doing this sort of thing or not!