AIME 1999 Problem 14

Given three points A, B and C,
find the point P such that angle(PAB) = angle(PBC) = angle(PCA).
Express tan(PAB) in terms of A, B and C.

Sat May 8 10:52:00 EDT 1999


  • Clark Kimberling's Triangle Centers. He's written a book documenting 400 different centers of a triangle ... and keeps it up to date!
  • Eric Weinstein's article on Wolfram's MathWorld site: IsogonalConjugate
  • Credits:

  • D. E. Joyce's The Geometry Applet. This is a wondeful applet. If I could take only 1 applet to a desert island, I'd take this one. Make sure you also visit his Euclid's Elements.