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Here are selected excerpts from Hirofumi Fujiwara's web site. I found these sliding block puzzles elegant and challenging. My contribution was to add a Solver option to the applet. -- Vincent.

Souce program with solver, after Fujiwara's V3.01 source available on his site.
Note that Fujiwara has a copyright on the applet. Please consult the original pages on proper use of the applet.

Sliding Piece Puzzles

by Hirofumi Fujiwara (Japan)

Fujiwara's home(Japanese)
Original of this page(English)

Sliding Piece Puzzle is very familar, the rule is very simple but it requires deep thought.

I made a JAVA version of Sliding Piece Puzzle, and I made my Java applet. My Java Puzzle Page has been well known in Japan. I dicided to make English page so that the people all over the world can enjoy my java puzzle pages.

Rule and How to play

25 problems
10 steps

I solved many patterns of sliding piece puzzle about 20 years ago. Now, I'm glad to show you 25 problems. You can accustom to Sliding Piece Puzzle by these exercised.

In those days, I solved these problems by hand, and some of their shortest steps were wrong. I solved all of them by my program.

101 steps

Block 10

I am making a new series now. The original is made by Minoru Abe (1985-86) as "Block 10". This type is harder than normal type in the cause of 2 L shaped pieces.

Left image is agreed by Minoru Abe.